Jan Luijten

Jan Luijten

Jan Luijten


Civic entrepreneur cluster Smart Sustainability

Jan Luijten is connected to The Economic Board as a civic entrepreneur of the preconditional cluster Smart Sustainability. Furthermore, Jan is a senior advisor in sustainable development for the municipality of Nijmegen. He is familiar with the regional network around sustainability in the Arnhem – Nijmegen area.

Among other things, Jan has gained experience with the Arnhem – Nijmegen metropolitan region (‘Stadsregio Arnhem Nijmegen’) and the Investment Agenda for City Network Arnhem – Nijmegen (‘Investeringsagenda Stedelijk Netwerk Arnhem – Nijmegen’). He worked on increasing the sustainability of public transport and logistics, the circular economy and energy transition, to name but a few subjects. The issues surrounding these themes cannot be hemmed in by municipal borders.

Jan builds alliances around issues and always includes the contributions of multiple parties. Networks with short lines of communications are created, so that business, governments, educations, banks can, together with citizens, connect more easily, share knowledge, and learn from each other. Arnhem – Nijmegen is an area that is eager to learn and is developing into the living lab of a futureproof circular economy. This is something the Arnhem – Nijmegen area has been working on tirelessly for the last few years.

During my university days at the WUR in Wageningen, I discovered the Arnhem – Nijmegen area. I have happily lived in Nijmegen for many years now, as it’s a midsized utopia: it offers the comfort of wonderfully green outlying area, while also offering a lively cultural offering in the inner cities. You can work on great jobs concerning sustainability, cycle around the landscapes of the border region with Germany and play various stages as a musician. Living and working on the scale of Arnhem, Nijmegen and Wageningen gives me a feeling of tremendous wealth. That is why I am happy to contribute to the future of this part of the country.