The Economic Board-leden

Team Members

Ben Geerdink

Ben Geerdink

Chair of the executive board of Rijn IJssel

In his role as chair of the executive board of Rijn IJssel College, Ben Geerdink is committed to educating genuine professionals. He sees the social task of Rijn IJssel to educate students sustainably: to a position in today and tomorrow’s employment markets and for active participation in society.
Bertine Lahuis portret

Bertine Lahuis

Chair Executive Board Radboudumc

Bertine Lahuis is the chair of the Executive Board of Radboudumc. She wants to make Radboudumc a forerunner in shaping the healthcare of the future; for instance, by collaborating with partners on establishing a robust network that runs through healthcare, education, and research.

Daniël Wigboldus

Chair of the board of governors of Radboud University

Daniël Wigboldus is chair of the board of governors of Radboud University in Nijmegen. Wigboldus is closely involved with the development of and innovations in education. Radboud University offers various partnership opportunities for businesses, organisations and institutes.
Enny van der Velden CCV GROup

Enny van de Velden


Enny van de Velden is the chairman and CCO of family business CCV Group. She has years of experience in branding, change management and experience marketing.
Jan van Iersel portret

Jan van Iersel

Chair of the Executive Board of the Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Science

Jan van Iersel is the chair of the Executive Board of the Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences. He applies his years of expertise in management roles in education and research to promote the further development and growth of the 'greenest university of applied sciences' in the Netherlands.
Jeroen Lotgering

Jeroen Lotgering

Board member NXP Netherlands and site director NXP Nijmegen

Apart from being a board member for NXP Netherlands, Jeroen Lotgering is the site director of the production location in Nijmegen and responsible for the facility organisation of NXP worldwide. The production location in Nijmegen is a high-tech working environment in which production and innovation go hand in hand.
Marco Timmers portret

Marco Timmers

CEO Byondis

Dr Marco Timmers has been CEO at Byondis since November 2019. This Nijmegen-based company concentrates on the development of precision medicines for oncology and autoimmune diseases. Byondis is one of the region's biggest employees in the field of Life Sciences & Health.
Monique Esselbrugge

Monique Esselbrugge

Alderman Municipality of Nijmegen

Dr Monique Esselbrugge has been alderman for the Municipality of Nijmegen since 2018. One of her core activities is connecting entrepeneurs, knowledge institutions and governments. She has been member of The Economic Board since November 2019.
Renée Verhulst

René Verhulst

Mayor of the Municipality of Ede, Chair Triple Helix, Chair Foodvalley Region

René Verhulst is mayor of the Municipality of Ede. Ede is part of the FoodValley Region, a first-class European region and international home base for companies and knowledge and research institutions focusing on sustainable and healthy food and heathy people.
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