Projectbureau TEB

Team Members

Jan Luijten portret

Jan Luijten

Civic entrepreneur cluster Smart Sustainability

Jan Luijten is connected to The Economic Board as a civic entrepreneur of the preconditional cluster Smart Sustainability. Furthermore, Jan is a senior advisor in sustainable development for the municipality of Nijmegen. He is familiar with the regional network around sustainability in the Arnhem – Nijmegen area.
John van Sambeek portret

John van Sambeek

Civic entrepreneur cluster Health, High-Tech, Food

In his role as civic entrepreneur for The Economic Board, John van Sambeek focuses on the domains of Health, High-Tech and Food. He works on economic development and innovations from regional strength.
Richard Dobbelmann

Richard Dobbelmann

Business associate The Economic Board

As business associate of The Economic Board, Richard Dobbelmann, like no other, knows his way round the business community in the region of Arnhem – Nijmegen, with Wageningen.
Jeroen Herremans

Jeroen Herremans

Civic entrepreneur cluster Energy

Jeroen Herremans is the civic entrepreneur of the iconic cluster Energy. As the team captain, he works to promote the further development and up-scaling of an innovative energy cluster within the area.
Sigrid Helbig

Sigrid Helbig

Director of The Economic Board.

Sigrid Helbig is director of The Economic Board. She has vast experience in the services sector. Helbig is committed to supporting women at the top of the Dutch business community.